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$ 1,295.00

NON LINEAR is a collection of modular LED luminaires that connect to form endless possibilities of lighting environments. Each lighting module is CNC machined out of 1-inch thick acrylic, which then receives a discreetly inlaid band of Light Emitting Diodes. The system offers kelvin-temperature adjustable LED technology and full color RGB LEDs that can be controlled with a remote control or even your smartphone. Freely connect any combination of NON LINEAR lighting modules with cords that are available in more than 30 color options Click here to view cord colors. UL Listed for commercial and residential applications.  8 week lead time.  Specify cord color in the details of your checkout process.  Please view the NON LINEAR Lighting Catalog for detailed information on each model.

How do you order the NON LINEAR Lighting System?  LIGHT MODULES + POWER CONTROL KIT = NON LINEAR.  In addition to the light modules, you will need a power control kit which includes a transformer and a wireless controller to adjust the color and turn on/off the set of lights.  Each kit powers up to 60 watts of light modules (wattage of each module is specified in the catalog).  Purchase additional Power Control Kits for installations over 60 watts or if you want to have separately controlled or separately colored groups of lights within your installation.  

We also offer a wall mount knob version of the wireless controller as well as a module that will enable your smartphone or tablet to control your lighting system.

What if you get your order wrong?  We'll notice and give you a call to make sure you get all the right stuff.